National CineMedia (NCM) B-Roll



National CineMedia (NCM) is America’s Movie Network. As the largest cinema advertising network in the U.S., we unite brands with the power of movies and engage movie fans anytime and anywhere.

This B-Roll Package Contains the following footage:

  • Movie Theater footage – audiences entering a movie theater
  • NCM’s Noovie pre-show with Maria Menounos
  • Noovie Arcade, the revolutionary companion app for NCM’s Noovie pre-show.
  • Noovie Arcade Ball Park® Brand Hot Dog Derby big screen augmented reality (AR) game
  • Shuffle, Noovie’s movie trivia mobile game
  • Name That Movie trivia game from Noovie on the big screen and on mobile devices
  • Fantasy Movie League – the box office predictions game that combines the fierce competition of fantasy sports with the insanely popular world of entertainment and movies.


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