Noovie Arcade Ball Park Brand Hot Dog Derby Game Play



National CineMedia (NCM)’s Noovie Arcade and Ball Park® brand are changing the game on the big screen in movie theaters across the country beginning Friday, August 9th with a fun new augmented reality (AR) game – the Ball Park brand Hot Dog Derby for Noovie Arcade, the revolutionary companion app for National CineMedia (NCM)’s Noovie pre-show.

The innovative Ball Park® Brand Hot Dog Derby AR game is the first-ever branded game created for Noovie Arcade in U.S. movie theaters, and also marks the first time the popular hot dog brand had used cinema advertising.

To play the Ball Park® Brand Hot Dog Derby, audiences should download the Noovie Arcade app (available free in the iTunes and Google Play stores) and arrive at least 20 minutes early to their local Noovie theater to catch the Noovie pre-show running before all G- and PG-rated movies.  A special spot will prompt audiences to open the app and aim their phones at the big screen when it’s time to play. Then, through their mobile phone, the movie theater will transform into a larger-than-life game setting where Ball Park hot dogs run, jump and race against each other in a stadium full of cheering fans.  Who will be the best? Who will be the wurst?  Players can check their scores to see how they stack up against other audience members and relish their victory! 

Hot dog racing fans who just can’t get enough can also play using their computer screens at


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