Noovie ARcade Horror Experience



Noovie if you dare!

Heading out to the movies to see Venom or Halloween this October? Be sure to download the Noovie ARcade app and get to the theater early for a unique Augmented Reality (AR) horror experience on the big screen!

Think you can handle it?  Check out The Noovie ARcade Horror Experience starting this Friday through October 31 (Halloween night) in Noovie theaters nationwide during the Noovie pre-show before all PG-13 and R-rated films. Be sure to get there at least 20 minutes early to experience it larger than life on the big screen in a dark room, and try to hold on to your popcorn!

If you just can’t wait to get to the movie theater, you can also use the Noovie ARcade app to experience it on or YouTube. But please, no spoilers!

Other Noovie ARcade interactive Augmented Reality games now playing on a big screen near you include Cinevaders and Emoji Escape, with new games and experiences coming soon. 

Noovie ARcade is the revolutionary new companion app for the Noovie pre-show, giving movie fans the chance to enjoy a gaming experience like no other while waiting for their feature film to start on over 20,800 movie screens in over 1,650 top theaters nationwide, including AMC, Cinemark, Regal Entertainment Group, and 55 other regional and local exhibitors. To play, audiences only need to download the app and arrive at their local Noovie theater early to catch the Noovie pre-show, which will prompt viewers to open the app and aim their phones at the big screen when it’s time to play. Then, through their mobile phone, the movie theater will transform into a larger-than-life communal AR experience. 

The following video is of the in-app user experience.